The following is a plan drafted in accordance with Version 5 of a Covid Safe Plan for Queensland’s Live Performance Venues/Theatres released by the Queensland Government, 1 July 2020 (“CSPv5”).

  1.  Fiona Kennedy is the Risk Mitigation Co-ordinator to oversee the implementation of the control measures outlined in this Framework and respond to additional decision-making requirements regarding risk, safety and compliance (refer to section 5 page 8 CSPv5).

2. We have drafted a Work Health and Safety Plan for COVID-19 attached at Schedule “A” (refer to section 7 page 9 CSPv5), taking note that Ad Astra does not have any employees or staff.  Volunteers assist Ad Astra with Front of House.  Actors and crew for performances are not employees of the company.

3. Ad Astra productions will perform for audiences of no more than 25 (half the venue’s capacity) at 57 Misterton Street, Fortitude Valley (refer to section 9 page 9 CSPv5).    

4. Audience members of the same social group will be seated together in a defined area distanced from other social groups by 1.5m, social groups being defined as a group of friends who purchased their tickets together and may include family members who do not reside in the same household (refer to section 9.1 page 10 CSPv5).

5. The venue, 57 Misterton, will be cleaned in accordance with government recommendations (refer to section 11.3 pp 19 and 20 CSPv5)and more specifically:

Before and after every performance as follows:

  • Cleaning will be carried out in all areas where rehearsal, performance and audience attendance occurs so far as is reasonably practicable including upstairs rehearsal areas, downstairs foyer, bathrooms, auditorium and green room;

  • Props will be cleaned after every performance;

  • The venue clean will be documented by those performing the clean, utilising a venue Cleaning Checklist which is attached at Schedule “B”;

  • The checklist itemises all venue areas and its key surfaces for quick reference and cross-checking and includes a clear identification of both cleaning, disinfecting and disposal to be used.

  • Cleaning will focus on frequently touched surfaces.

6. All cast, crew and FOH will use hand sanitiser and hand wash at regular intervals (refer to section 11.4 page 21 CSPv5)

7. Hand sanitiser and hand wash will be provided for audience members at the door and in the bathrooms.

8. Signage at the front door will inform patrons that they are not enter if must not attend if they have COVID-19 related symptoms, have been in close contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive, have travelled overseas or to a COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 days or are COVID-19 positive.

9. Front of House will (refer to section 11.6 page 22-25 CSPv5):

  • direct individuals and social groups to their allocated seating;

  • direct audience members to use hand sanitiser;

  • direct audience to use the outside area as well as the foyer to socially distance;

  • announce location emergency exits and request 1.5 distancing if exit required;

  • as much as possible use eftpos for purchases;

  • attend a briefing session before each performance at which the Sample FOH Covid Induction checklist will be used ((refer to Appendix 2 CSPv5 attached Schedule “C”);

  • ensure patrons complete a contact details form at the door including mobile phone, address and email (refer to section 11.7 page 27 CSPv5) and these details will be scanned and retained for at least 56 days by Fiona Kennedy.

10/ Ad Astra’s Outbreak Plan follows the checklists provided in the CSPv5, 11.11.1 attached at Schedule “D”.